MLB Team Winning Percentage for the Arizona Diamondbacks

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Below is a chart of the winning percentage over time.

Major League Baseball All-Time Win Percentage Records for all teams.

American League
· Baltimore Orioles
· Boston Red Sox
· Chicago White Sox
· Cleveland Indians
· Detroit Tigers
· Kansas City Royals
· Los Angeles Angels
· Minnesota Twins
· New York Yankees
· Oakland A's
· Seattle Mariners
· Tampa Bay Rays
· Texas Rangers
· Toronto Blue Jays

National League
· Arizona Diamondbacks
· Atlanta Braves
· Chicago Cubs
· Cincinnati Reds
· Colorado Rockies
· Florida Marlins
· Houston Astros
· L.A. Dodgers
· Milwaukee Brewers
· New York Mets
· Philadelphia Phillies
· Pittsburgh Pirates
· San Diego Padres
· San Francisco Giants
· St Louis Cardinals
· Washington Nationals