2010 Major League Baseball (MLB) Season Preview
2010 MLB Baseball Forecast Predictions for National League and American League Standings.
Who will win the 2010 World Series? Who will win the AL East, NL West and AL Central?

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2010 Major League Baseball Season Preview below.
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World Series Champ Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Phillies
NL Champ Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Yankees
AL Champ Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees
NL Wildard Braves Cubs Cubs Brewers Rockies
AL Wildcard Mariners Red Sox Red Sox Mariners Red Sox
AL East 1 Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees Yankees
2 Red Sox Red Sox Red Sox Rays Red Sox
3 Rays Rays Rays Red Sox Rays
4 Orioles Orioles Orioles Orioles Orioles
5 Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays
AL Central 1 Tigers White Sox Twins White Sox Twins
2 Twins Twins White Sox Twins White Sox
3 White Sox Tigers Tigers Royals Tigers
4 Royals Indians Royals Indians Indians
5 Indians Royals Indians Tigers Royals
AL West 1 Angels Angels Angels Angels Angels
2 Mariners Mariners Mariners Mariners Rangers
3 Rangers Rangers Rangers Rangers Mariners
4 Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics
NL East 1 Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies Phillies
2 Braves Braves Braves Mets Mets
3 Marlins Marlins Mets Braves Braves
4 Nationals Mets Marlins Nationals Marlins
5 Mets Nationals Nationals Marlins Nationals
NL Central 1 Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cubs Cardinals
2 Brewers Cubs Cubs Brewers Brewers
3 Cubs Brewers Brewers Cardinals Cubs
4 Reds Reds Reds Astros Reds
5 Pirates Astros Astros Reds Astros
6 Astros Pirates Pirates Pirates Pirates
NL West 1 Dodgers Dodgers Rockies Giants Dodgers
2 Rockies Rockies Dodgers Dodgers Rockies
3 D'Backs Giants Giants D'Backs D'Backs
4 Giants D'Backs D'Backs Rockies Giants
5 Padres Padres Padres Padres Padres

Stats Explanations
- Bold indicates consensus pick.

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