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Fantasy Baseball Tips-

A guide to playing fantasy MLB.

The Draft

1) Know your league settings. This is the easiest and most important way to get ahead. Run the statistics for your league and compare positions. Are steals or home runs more important. Does defense matter? What about relievers- are they more valuable than starters in your league?

2) Focus on the numbers (this needs to be emphasized). Analyze the statistics. This helps strip away the emotions and subjectivety. More often than not the numbers are always the safest way to pick.

3) How many teams are in your league, and how many players do you need from each position. If there is a big drop-off in a position after a certain number, make sure to pick a player or 2 before the drop-off and come back to other positions later that are more �stacked�.

5) Getting the draft right is extremely important. Stay focused and scan for opportunities. A good pick late in the draft can go a long way. Compare different rankings around the web. Have a cheatsheet ready. Cross off names as they are picked. You can win a league just on your draft. The hours spent before the draft can save you a season of tough decision making. And don't ever give up on your draft if you make a bad pick. Don't let one bad pick snowball. Shake it off and stay focused.

6) Just another reminder. If and when possible stick to the numbers. Don�t get emotional. Pick and trade by the numbers as much as possible.

7) (This tip especially for roto leagues) Specifically target as many categories as you possibly can. But do not try to be a little of everything. You may want to focus on SB's, Runs, and Batting Average, but don't waste a pick trying to balance your team with a home run hitter. Corner enough categories to be at the top.

The Season

1) The moments right after the draft are often just as important. Check to see what free agents are available. Check and make sure you have all the positions filled and suitable back-ups. Check your strengths and weaknesses. Someone else in the league may have a strength that is your weakness. See if you can trade.

2) Stay on top of things throughout the season. If you really want to win there are always critically important free agents that rise to the top from out of nowhere. Always keep your eyes open for them.

3) Don�t be afraid to trade. Trade players while they are hot and go for the players you have a feeling about, because the tide will continue to change throughout the season. The most successful fantasy managers will talk often with other people in the league about prospective trades. Find out who they may want. You will find that they sometimes want the guy you really want to get rid of. Don't try to pawn off what you don't like about your team, find out what the other player wants and find a way to give it to them. Your wasting your time trying to sell the bad stuff on your team to someone else, you need to listen to what the other person wants. Go up and down both your rosters and share who you like and don't like. And then maybe just store the information in your head and use it (take adv. of it) a couple weeks later when a guy that he likes starts getting hot and you think its not going to continue. That's how you sell high. Also, don't always try for the big blockbuster, or dream scenarios of trades. Just look for incremental improvements.

4) Check the scores every night if possible. Or, at the very least, scan a bunch of them once a week. This is where you will find the real nuggets of information that can make the difference for you. In assessing the prospects of players rising or falling, fantasy points won't always tell you whats really going on. Is your player still in the same spot in the line-up? Is your reliever still the closer? And same goes for free agents. Is someone new batting near the top of the line-up? Who is getting the saves? Etc..

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